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Grapes from Jacky Bird Farms, MontaguLocated in the magnificent Keisie Valley just 20km from the historic town of Montagu, JackyBird Enterprises is home to Harmony and Goedgevonden, a pair of neighbouring mixed working farms that offers a range of superior quality products as well as comfortable self-catering accommodation.

A 4km-wide furrow that gouges its way through unique Bokkeveld layered sandstone and shale soils and rises in places to 550m, the Keisie Valley is situated on the northern edge of a Mediterranean style climate zone, which means the summers are hot and dry and the winters crisp and rainy, ideal for the cultivation of wine and table grapes, olives, and stone, citrus and soft fruits as well as a variety of squashes and gourds.

Chartered by a seasonal compass, JackyBird harvests the full spectrum of this agricultural bounty, and we also produce extra virgin olive oil, pickled olives, vegetables and fruit all of which is available for direct purchase from time to time.

Our well-appointed Harmonie Cottage offers visitors the rare chance to stay on an authentic working farm in one of the Western Cape’s most beautiful secret valleys, yet to still be within easy distance of the numerous historic towns of the Klein Karoo as well as the famous Cape Route 62 , the magnificent tourist path that meanders through towering cliff faces, alongside crystal streams and over wildflower-strewn mountain passes as it connects the western and eastern Cape regions of South Africa.
JackyBird is a level-4 registered BEE organisation. We pride ourselves on the fair and fullest employment of our resident workers and the adult members of their families and our aim is to steadily upskill and improve the productivity and earnings capabilities of all our employees. 

Entrance at Jacky Bird Farms, Keisie Valley, Montagu Organic olives at Jacky Bird Farms, Keisie Valley, Montagu Sheep at Jacky Bird Farms, Keisie Valley, Montagu
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