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C:\fakepath\Flash-Flood-Goedgevonden-crossing-Oct13.jpg Flash Flood in the Keisie Valley
By: TB   (2013-10-22)


After a sharp burst of about 30mm of rain higher up in the valley, the Keisie River came down in spate cutting off access to the farm fields on the other side of the river for over 24 hours. The river rose very quickly and was suddenly knee-deep and running fast where one could have walked across dry-shod a few hours earlier. 

Despite the temporary inconvenience, these late rains are very welcome at this early stage of the growing season and have given us an opportunity to fill our irrigation dams. Best would have been if it had rained hard on the mountainside just above us, as the water would then have filled our top dams directly. However we are instead routing the water from the river into a lower distribution dam and then using our main pumps to move the water up to the higher main storage dam.

Tom Brown.

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