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C:\fakepath\View_of_refurb_gate_dam_2Jun13.jpg Maintenance work on the farm
By: TB   (2013-07-02)

This quieter time of year is used to get major maintenance done; and a big job has been refurbishment of one of our uppermost dams, known as the "Gate Dam", located at the entrance to Harmony Farm. The importance of this dam is that it lies at an altitude of 475m, which is 10m to 40m higher than the main growing areas of the farm. As 10m of height translates, before friction losses, into 1 bar of water pressure lower down in the irrigation system it means that water from this dam is able to reach most cultivated parts of the farm under gravity alone, without any pumping support. And that, in turn, means big electricity savings. Cleaned and reshaped in just one day by Gustav Matthee with his trusty 'dozer, the Gate Dam is again ready for use. All it needs now is a solid burst of rain up on the Langeberg behind us and we should be 'in business'.  TB  

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