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C:\fakepath\Quad-trailer-spraying-rig-from-behind.jpg Quad Bike Trailer-Sprayer Combo
By: TB   (2013-11-03)

Hand-built by Sybrand, this neat little two-wheel trailer greatly increases the utility value of our quad bikes. Instead of just quickly moving specialists around the farm, the quads can now also handily cart small loads of materials to points where they are needed, thereby sparing the need to use the far larger, heavier and fuel-inefficient tractors and trailers.

Now the unit has been further modified to take a 250L tank for conducting fruit fly and other spraying programs. Using a 24V pump powered by the quad's own electrical system, the unit operates efficiently and economically. Spray heads are installed at different points on the piping loop at the back of the unit. By selecting different head combinations the operator can either achieve a high arch of droplets for fruit trees or a more horizontal spray for lower grape and berry vines. An ideal fruit fly spray droplet coverage rate is around 80-100 drops per sqM.

At an all-in cost of less than 5% of the price of a typical 4-wheel drive tractor and 2000L blower-sprayer, this quad combination is far more economical to run, turns around faster and treads far less heavily on the land. Importantly, it is simple to operate, agile and small enough to pass between the heavily laden fruit trees at this time of year without damaging fruit.

Well done, Sybrand, for another improvement in the farm's operating efficiency.

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