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Manzanilla green olives - 250gr (drained contents)

Manzanilla olives are harvested at two stages and prepared for consumption.
Green stage - picked carefully by hand at the straw yellow-green ripening point, these olives are soaked in successive alkaline and brine formulations to draw the bitter phenols from teh fruit. They are then pickled in brine and vinegar, finally being packed in jars in a solution of salt, white wine vinegar and olive oil. These green 'table' olives are firm and meaty with a relatively small pip and a low oil content of about 8%. Harvested in March the new olives typically start to become available for sale around September each year. 
Black stage - allowed to ripen fully on the tree these olives are similarly harvested by hand and then soaked in successive brine formulations to remove the bitter phenols from the fruit. As the curing solutions used are less strong to avoid softening the ripe fruit, these black olives take several months longer to cure.  They are then pickled in brine and red grape vinegar, finally being packed in a solution of salt, vinegar and olive oil. During the pickling process these olives lose some of their intense black colour tending more towards a deep purple. Meaty and firm but with a higher oil content of about 13% these black Manzanilla olives are very tasty. Harvested in May the new black olives tend to start becoming available for sale around year-end. 
Pickled olives can be used whole as snacks or accompaniment to drinks and for inclusion in salads; or sliced as ingredients in pizzas and home-baked bread; or de-pitted and chopped up as a spread or as part of a chutney. Olives are healthy and rich in anti-oxidants and other important elements.
Dependant upon the individual olive sizes, each jar contains approximately 50 olives. Once opened, table olives should be kept refrigerated and preferably consumed within two weeks.

Price:   R50.00

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