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Please select from one of our self-catering guest accommodation units:
On JackyBird Farms near Montagu in the Western Cape.
Harmonie Cottage Keisie Valley, Montagu Harmony Farm Guest Cottage, near Montagu
Luxury equipped comfort for four (occasionally 6) people at the heart of the farm.

Harmonie Guesthouse Keisie Valley, Montagu Harmony Farm Guest House, near Montagu
Private top quality accommodation for four people in pampered farm luxury.


Visiting the UK?

For a very special relaxing break in an area of great natural beauty try our self-catering townhouse in the heart of the ancient town of Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight; centre of the UK sailing scene.
Russells Holiday House, Yarmouth, UK Russells Holiday House, Isle of Wight
Deluxe townhouse home-from-home for four in the ancient town of Yarmouth, UK.
JackyBird guest units are fitted and equipped to very high standards, from electric blankets to automatic dishwashers, all aimed to make your stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.
For longer stays, please contact us by email or telephonically a few days ahead of your arrival if we can be of assistance laying in starter supplies for you. Do let us know what we can do to otherwise enhance your stay with us.
On the farm we can also supply various farm products or vegetables and fruit that may be in season at the time of your visit - click on our JackyBird Products page to see what is available.
And, if you have stayed with us before, welcome back!

JackyBird farm is a constantly changing scene.
Very active with farm work during weekdays, there is always something on the go. During harvest times the farm is particularly abuzz with teams of people picking in the orchards and vineyards, with machinery hard at work and with vehicles burdened by all the fresh produce heading off to distant cellars and processing plants.
But at weekends it quietens down with only the on-duty team moving around caring for the animals and changing the irrigation.
No matter how hot and busy the day may have been, in the evenings the silence of the valley settles stealthily like a blanket, leaving only the fading sounds of the birds to remind one of all the earlier activities. And then, just when the silence seems to become complete, the first of the owls will start to hoot to each other in the distance, accompanied from time to time by the high-pitched barks of bat-eared foxes hunting insects in the night.
And of course the best show of all - the crystal clear darkening sky becomes crowded with bright stars and with the Milky Way blazing brightly; an awe-inspiring sight.
As the seasons roll around the plants are a captivating point of interest - flower bedecked in the spring; laden with fruit in the summer; a sea of browns and yellows in the autumn; and finally gaunt and bony in the winter as they slumber and gather strength for the coming cycle. Not to be left out, the sheep regularly produce new lambs, bleating and unsteady on spindly new legs, while the fields of vegetables and oats come and go, counter-pointed by the steady bright evergreen fields of lucerne.
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